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Madden NFL 12 (Nintendo Wii, 2011) The Wii version of Madden NFL 12 features additional control schemes, new in-game challenges, an updated franchise mode, revamped player models, and new social game types. Gesture-based controls are now optional, as the game supports the Classic Controller and Classic Controller Pro for online and offline play modes. The Wii Remote can also be held horizontally for a two-button interface for those desiring a simpler scheme. The presentation features more realistic looking player models, touchdown celebrations, real-time stat updates, new post-play reactions, and other tweaks.

The franchise mode lets players build their dream team with the fantasy draft, then hire or fire coaches, negotiate contracts, and create players as the season progresses. To keep your job during franchise play, you'll have to make sure you meet or exceed fan expectations, turn a profit, and win games. Completing various in-game challenges will reward you with alternate uniforms, new stadiums, and arcade-style power-ups. New modes include "Road to the Super Bowl" and "Madden Showdown," both of which offer five-on-five or a full 11-on-11 action with friends.
Splatoon (Nintendo Wii U, 2015) Splatoon Nintendo Wii U 2015 provides the gamers with hours of fun and new experiences. Based on its content, this video game belongs to the Shooter genre. The Splatoon has E10+ - Everyone 10+ ESRB rating.
Nickelodeon Fit (Nintendo Wii, 2010) Nickelodeon Fit for Wii is a video game that developer 2K Play designed to encourage children to have more exercise while playing as opposed to conventional video gaming. The game features popular Nickelodeon characters including Dora the Explorer, Kai Lan, Diego, and Backyardigans, and with mascots Zee and Moose hosting the mini-games. The game gets children off the couch and imitating the movements of the in-game characters. With players holding the Wii remote, gameplay involves simulating movements such as skipping ropes, paddling rafts, running races, pedaling bikes, and jumping to make balloons move. Nickelodeon Fit for the Xbox 360 has an ESRB rating of E, making it an engaging video game for the whole family.
Scooby-Doo First Frights (Nintendo Wii, 2009) Take a nostalgic trip back to when Mystery Inc. first began solving cases in Scooby-Doo! First Frights. Play as young versions of Shaggy, Scooby, Fred, Daphne, and Velma as they run and jump through 3D environments filled with puzzles to solve and creatures to battle. Collect yummy treats as you explore a seemingly haunted cruise ship, castle, carnival, and high school. Each character offers a distinct attack, and solo players can switch back and forth between protagonists to take advantage of special abilities. Fred, for example, uses his strength to move heavy objects, while Shaggy pelts enemies from afar with his slingshot. Discover a variety of costumes and unlock an assortment of characters for use in the game's separate "explore" mode. First Frights includes simultaneous co-op action for two players and a total of four cases to crack, offering over 20 levels of play.
Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Nintendo Wii, 2010) Your favorite Italian plumber returns for more out-of-this-world adventures in Super Mario Galaxy 2 for Nintendo Wii. The mechanics of the platform-style play closely follow those of the first game, but with new levels, puzzles, collectibles, and power-ups to master. As in previous games, Mario’s friend Yoshi can grab items with his tongue and spit them back at enemies. You can also use his sticky tongue to swing across chasms and reach new areas. New gadgets for Mario include a drill that allows the plucky plumber to bore through a planet's surface to the other side. Each 3D planet offers gravity-specific challenges to overcome, from working upside down to gliding from area to area. With plenty of new worlds to explore, Super Mario Galaxy 2 provides hours of family-friendly fun.
GT Pro Series (Nintendo Wii, 2006) In GT Pro Series, players get behind the wheel of over 80 Japanese cars ready to be upgraded and enhanced through a single-player career. The game comes bundled with a Wii-Remote compatible steering wheel, and players tilt the steering wheel to turn, and press buttons to stop or go. Players are given a choice of many makes and models including the Skyline R34 GT-R, and the Lancer Evolution. Gamers can unlock performance and aesthetic upgrades, cars, and tracks in "Championship" mode by winning the races found in each level. "Quick Race," "Time Attack," and "Drift" are all examples of single race modes, and to view completed races, gamers can access "Replay" mode and watch video of saved progress. Up to four friends can compete in the split-screen multiplayer action found in "Versus" mode.
Just Dance 2 (Nintendo Wii, 2010) Ubisoft's dancing sim returns with new modes, new musical genres, and a stable of more than 45 hit dance songs in Just Dance 2. Players one again use their Wii Remote to mimic real dance moves choreographed by experts in a variety of styles, including Bollywood and Reggaeton. The "Sweat Meter" keeps track of the calories players burn as they swing their arms and kick their legs, the new "Dance Off" mode lets gamers form a crew and compete against others in a competition, and the new "Party" mode plays music continuously. The musical selection spans decades and genres, and includes tracks such as "Walk Like an Egyptian" by the Bangles, "Call Me" by Blondie, "Viva Las Vegas" by Elvis Presley, and "TiK ToK" by Ke$ha.
Resident Evil 4 -- Wii Edition (Nintendo The critically acclaimed Resident Evil 4 on GameCube staggers onto Wii with a retooled control scheme and additional bonus content. The sinister storyline and zombie-blasting action are unchanged, but players can now move their character with the Nunchuk attachment while independently targeting enemies with the Wii Remote. Nintendo fans will also be able to experience content previously exclusive to the PlayStation 2 version, delving deeper into character Ada Wong's history with the franchise in a revealing scenario entitled "Separate Ways." One new weapon is available, the powerful PRL 412 gun, which can be unlocked along with new alternate costumes for both Leon S. Kennedy and Ashley Graham.
The Price is Right: Decades (Nintendo Wii, Inspired by nearly half a century of the MSRP-matching game show, The Price Is Right: Decades allows gamers to play in re-creations of different versions of the television program, throughout the years. As on TV, they'll compete to come closest in guessing the retail value of consumables, household items, and appliances -- first in an open "Contestants' Row" bidding round, then in fan-familiar pricing games such as "Cliffhangers" and "Plinko," and finally, with a little luck, in a multi-prize "Showcase Showdown." Winners earn virtual prizes and unlock live-action clips from the TV show.
Go Vacation (Nintendo Wii, 2011) Take a break from the doldrums of life with Go Vacation for Wii, a collection of outdoor activities set on the fictitious resort of Kawawii Island. Featured events include skydiving, scuba diving, horseback riding, tennis, fishing, street racing, dancing, surfing, hang gliding, and inline skating. Each event takes place on a distinct location on the resort that players can actually explore, from snowcapped mountains to a busy city. Supported controllers include the Wii Balance Board, Wii Zapper, and Wii MotionPlus.
Sonic Colors (Nintendo Wii, 2010) Sonic Colors is a return to Sonic's roots as a traditional platform game. Players control the blue hedgehog in predominantly side-scrolling levels filled with rings, robotic enemies, and various loops, rails, and boss battles. The setting is Dr. Eggman's interstellar amusement park, which consists of multiple themed planets with titles like "Sweet Mountain," Starlight Carnival," and "Asteroid Coaster." The park is not designed for fun and relaxation, however. Instead, Dr. Eggman is using the park as a front to secretly harvest the powers of aliens called wisps, and it's up to Sonic to stop him.

As Sonic traverses the 40+ levels in the game, he can collect one of the seven colorful creatures to imbue him with temporary powers. Yellow wisps allow Sonic to drill through the ground, for example, while pink wisps let Sonic roll up walls and across ceilings. In addition to the side-scrolling perspective, the game includes third-person sequences viewed from behind Sonic's back and a side goal of collecting five red tokens within each world's six acts. Collecting tokens unlocks levels in Eggman's "Sonic Simulator" mode, where two players can work together to retrieve one of seven Chaos Emeralds. Sonic Colors' supported controls include the Wii Remote and Nunchuk combo, the Classic Controller, and the GameCube controller.
Just Dance (Nintendo Wii, 2009) In Just Dance, players learn real dance moves to songs they know and love across a wide genre of music over the past sixty years.
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